Sunday, November 18, 2012

Decorated for Christmas...

I know, I's not even Thanksgiving yet! BUT! My Mom loves to eat Thanksgiving dinner with the tree up, so she just decorated the whole house. ( Dad even has the lights up outside...but not's a family tradition in my family to turn them on at 5p.m. Thanksgiving night.) You see, for as long as I can remember Thanksgiving has ALWAYS been at my family's home. My Mom's sister has Christmas and we share different holidays on my Dad's side. So, I guess my Mom just wanted to go all out this year? I still live at home (my boyfriend and I are saving $$$ to build our own home out in the country...almost there though!) so I always help my Mom decorate. Hope you enjoy "our" decorating!

The tree in the living room

The picture is Santa with the Nativity scene (not sure why it came out that way)

The family room

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  1. Steph I think you like updating the 18th of the month. lol I just noticed you update the 18th of last month haha. Anyway, love your tree. It's so pretty! My family loves to decorate Thanksgiving day, not so much fun! lol. I love the vase with the ornaments inside. :)


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