Saturday, February 23, 2013

DIY Dry Erase Calendar


Sorry it's been awhile.

I've been  addicted to Pinterest lately, who hasn't? I've made a  couple of projects and recipes so far, but this one has to be my favorite. It was really easy (and cheap) to make. Obviously the paint swatches are free at any home improvement store, the frame was $12.99 at Hobby Lobby and I had the sheet of strawberry scrapbook paper. I made this with my future home in mind. I picked the "strawberry theme" because my intention would be to put this in my kitchen. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Decorated for Christmas...

I know, I's not even Thanksgiving yet! BUT! My Mom loves to eat Thanksgiving dinner with the tree up, so she just decorated the whole house. ( Dad even has the lights up outside...but not's a family tradition in my family to turn them on at 5p.m. Thanksgiving night.) You see, for as long as I can remember Thanksgiving has ALWAYS been at my family's home. My Mom's sister has Christmas and we share different holidays on my Dad's side. So, I guess my Mom just wanted to go all out this year? I still live at home (my boyfriend and I are saving $$$ to build our own home out in the country...almost there though!) so I always help my Mom decorate. Hope you enjoy "our" decorating!

The tree in the living room

The picture is Santa with the Nativity scene (not sure why it came out that way)

The family room

Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's been awhile....

Although I don't have many followers, I know I've been away for some time. But that's about to change! The holidays are coming up {which is my fav time of year} so I will definitely be doing a lot more posting.

See you soon!

Monday, April 2, 2012

some new cards...

I haven't been on here in awhile, but recently I made some new birthday cards. I tell myself everyday that I am going to be more loyal to this blog....I promise, I'm trying!

~Thanks for reading~

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fabric Magnets

Just wanted to share these new magnets that I made this morning. I bought some fabric awhile back because I wanted to learn how to sew, but nobody in my family does, except for my Grandma. I would ask her but she has a lot going on right now and I didn't want to burden her with the task of teaching me something that I have NO CLUE {what-so-ever} about. [How did I ever pass Home Ec in high school?!?] Anyway, I didn't have to sew these, my hot glue gun came in handy! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pinterest inspired placemats...

First off...Pinterest is an addiction! I need to do more productive things with my time now-a-days, then to just sit on pinterest all day. Anyway...I saw this on there so I made my own. I found the set of 4 mats at a local store called Tuesday Morning (reminds me of a T.J. Maxx or Marshalls). They were only $3.99. I already had the stencils and sharpie. So simple!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I always hear that Valentine's Day is most popular with "dating" couples. I don't believe that one bit. I see a lot of married couples (including my parents) who celebrate the day of love. Although I do have to agree with some who say everyday can be Valentine's day, no matter what kind of relationship you are in. I guess today is just another day for card stores and candy shoppes to make an extra dollar. This year for V-day my boyfriend and I will be celebrating it on Saturday. Due to his new job, I felt like he would be too tired when he got home from work to go out to dinner, so I settled for Saturday. :) We had a "budget" for Christmas that totally went out the window, so I told him that I didn't want anything spectacular for Valentine's. (Let's see if he listens!) Me, on the otherhand, got him his favorite candy and I made this frame for him. I'm so grateful that he likes the things that I make him. Otherwise, he'd have a lot of "useless" It was super simple to make. Have a great Valentine's everyone!