Monday, June 20, 2011

Flea Market finds...

On Father's Day, my Dad & I went to the Flea Market. I went with the intentions of finding the scrapbooking supplies dealer (and of course spending the day with my Dad!)...and I did! I bought 16 packs of Jolee's stickers for only $8! I was estatic because one usually runs for almost $5 in a craft store. I also picked up 7 juice glasses. I don't have my own apartment but I figured I can store them away until I get one. haha. The lady wanted $6.50 for them but I paid $5! The thing that attracted me to them was the daisies on daisies!

Birthday stickers

Holidays & Wedding Cakes

Stars & Flowers

Ice-Cream cones & Watermelons!

Pin-wheels...adorable button Mickey Mouse ears...a scooter

Daisy juice glasses


  1. I do believe we bought some of the same ones! :) I love the ice cream cones and watermelon!! Cute glasses. I did the same thing you're doing. I put a lot of stuff away for when I was going into my first apartment, and I felt like I was pretty set when I was moving out. :)

  2. Really? See...creative minds think alike! I'm glad you did the same thing because after I bought them, I thought to myself "Was this a dumb idea?" haha But I guess not! :)


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