Sunday, June 12, 2011

My crafting space!

I thought I would post some pics of where I make all my cards, scrapbooks, etc.

I pretty much have everything in clear bins and I labeled the front of them. The two black & white trays are for paper. The bottom one I have all paper scraps in. On the top of the shelf are my scrapbooks. The white shelf I actually had in my room standing vertically, then I thought this would be a great idea.

I bought these today! They are punch's. The vine punch I figured I can use for anything because it's so versatile. As for the snowflake...I just thought it was cute! The snowflake was $9.99 and the vine was $23.99, I think? BUT! The lady at the checkout was extremely nice and gave me the 50% off coupon because I didn't have it!
I'm going  to throw in a card's a CONGRATS one that I made for one of my co-workers who is graduated  from high school. The inside I left blank and just wrote her a little message.

Happy Scrapping!
~Next Sunday I think I will be going to my local flea market. My friend over at "It's Clay" informed me of a scrapbooking supplies dealer who sells for only 50 cents! So, i'm sure I will have another post then!


  1. Very cute work area! I'm loving your Hello Kitty clock. :) So cute. And thanks for the shout out. I did go this morning, but unfortunately I didn't pick any up. Next time.


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