Friday, September 30, 2011

Styrofoam trees

So...I found an easy craft to make for a Christmas gift. (Christmas already? Yes...I like to get a head start, that way I'm not going frantic on Christmas Eve wondering if  I checked everyone off my list!) It's a realtively easy project, but it's a little time consuming.

What you need:
3 styrofoam cones (various sizes)
3 different colors of cardstock (2 sheets for the tallest tree)
1 separate color of cardstock for the star
Hot glue gun
Some type of wire to attach  the star to (I used red wreath's in the wreath aisle @ Michaels)
1 wooden pencil

-First you cut the strips of cardstock into long, skinny rectangles (no precise size is needed)...then cut into smaller ones.
-Then, one by one hot glue them around the cone, overlap some of them to get a different effect.
-Curl the ends of  the paper with the wooden pencil (wrap the ends around it)
-Once you've reached the top, you can start to glue your buttons around your tree.
-Next, cut out 3 stars (various sizes to fit your tree)
-Attach them to the wire with the hot glue gun.
-Slide the wire into the top of the cone (becareful that it doesn't start to poke out the sides, make sure it goes straight through)
*You're finished!*

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