Friday, September 30, 2011

Styrofoam trees

So...I found an easy craft to make for a Christmas gift. (Christmas already? Yes...I like to get a head start, that way I'm not going frantic on Christmas Eve wondering if  I checked everyone off my list!) It's a realtively easy project, but it's a little time consuming.

What you need:
3 styrofoam cones (various sizes)
3 different colors of cardstock (2 sheets for the tallest tree)
1 separate color of cardstock for the star
Hot glue gun
Some type of wire to attach  the star to (I used red wreath's in the wreath aisle @ Michaels)
1 wooden pencil

-First you cut the strips of cardstock into long, skinny rectangles (no precise size is needed)...then cut into smaller ones.
-Then, one by one hot glue them around the cone, overlap some of them to get a different effect.
-Curl the ends of  the paper with the wooden pencil (wrap the ends around it)
-Once you've reached the top, you can start to glue your buttons around your tree.
-Next, cut out 3 stars (various sizes to fit your tree)
-Attach them to the wire with the hot glue gun.
-Slide the wire into the top of the cone (becareful that it doesn't start to poke out the sides, make sure it goes straight through)
*You're finished!*

Friday, September 16, 2011

Shopping Spree @ Michael's!

Being a Michael's Rewards member totally pays off when they send you a $10 coupon! I'm a bargain shopper so everything I bought today was on clearance (with the exception of: 4 wreaths, red wire, 4 wood snowmen, white snowflakes, gingerbread stickers & snowmen stickers)! Although the wreaths were only $2.50 each and they are 22", the wood snowmen were .29 cents ea., the red wire was $1.99 and the white snowflakes, gingerbread and snowman stickers were $1.59. So either way I think I made out pretty well.

 The ribbon was only .50 cents ea. 
 The paper I  found in the clearance bin for only .15 cents each! I was surprised with the colors because they can definitely be used for holiday scrapbooks. Can you say "BARGAIN!"
*I think it was a successful shopping trip*

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Everyone loves cupcakes...

So, I made cupcakes today...nothing special, just plain ol' from the box cake mix. I haven't challenged myself to make "from scratch" yet...maybe one day.....maybe! My decoration of choice is just sprinkles...I wanted to try something different with a frosting decorator...but that didn't turn out too well, but you learn as you go, right?
 They're bakin'!


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm back!

Whew! It's been awhile but I'm so happy to be back. My favorite season is upon us and I will be on here a lot posting my crafts and some pictures of my decor. I LOVE decorating for Fall!!!! I'm so excited.
Anyway- Here's my scrapbook from my Jersey vacation from the beginning of August. Hope you like it!

 on the page on the right, there is a purple "Joe's Fish co." paper...that's actually what was wrapped around my napkin @ the restaurant...i thought it would be a nice touch to the scrapbook.

 since seaside heights was a beach town that I saw a lot of younger people at I decided to make this page fun and crazy....i love how my seaside heights letters came out!
Uncle Bill's Pancake House and Seashelle Ice Cream Parlor are a must to visit when at the shore. I took the menus to put in here. Now I can feel like I'm there all of the time!!